Cloned a famous Android app for Huawei, Samsung and Xiaomi: attention to the data collected


In recent days, the Dark Sky app for Huawei and Samsung users has appeared on the Play Store again which, before it was sold to Apple, was one of the most used by users Android on the weather issue. However, as soon as Apple bought it, Dark Sky immediately lost consensus and no longer made its appearance on the Play Store. However, as mentioned at the beginning, it is possible to download this application again on Android devices, but one must be careful because it is absolutely not the original app. Therefore, the situation is slightly different compared to our latest reports.

Watch out for the Android app for Huawei, Samsung and Xiaomi

So let’s talk about a clone that performs practically the same activities as the real Dark Sky ed app was made by a Turkish developer who absolutely doesn’t seem to be concerned about copyright law. In fact, the name is identical to the weather application that we have noticed over the years on the Play Store, but the icon used is different. The less careful may think that Dark Sky has returned available for Android devices again, but in reality it is a clone.

However, there are no profit-making purposes on the part of the developer who made it, it can in fact be downloaded completely free of charge, although it is possible to pay $ 6.50 to completely eliminate advertisements. The graphics are different from the original Dark Sky, but the information is practically the same, in fact it makes use of the official API present on the app purchased by Apple. The weather forecast is therefore correct, there is absolutely nothing to criticize about this clone application, it is probably less accurate, but completely efficient for the purpose with which it was created. We must also keep in mind how this Dark Sky clone can be used until the end of 2021, because the API of the original app can be used by third-party developers until the end of next year.

There will therefore be no way to be able to rely on this application, unless you then decide to move to the other side and then focus on an iPhone. However, the ratings on this clone app continue to be quite positive, certainly not the original Dark Sky, but users who have already installed it have given a good evaluation of its work. We cannot therefore speak of a fake application or a scam, but we must be aware that the Dark Sky currently present on the Play Store is absolutely not the original. With related alert for Huawei, Samsung and Xiaomi users at the time of the app’s data processing request.

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