Clizia Incorvaia and Paolo Ciavarro, after the heated nights the frozen shower? Exit the GF Vip and the lockdown, the sudden choice


Francesco Fredella

Together. United as in the house of GF Vip: Paolo Ciavarro is Clizia Incorvaia, now, they are living their love in the sunlight. But there is a surprise. Unexpected. Paolo is in Sicily, he doesn’t live in Clizia’s house because his father made another apartment available to him. “I dedicate myself a little to Paolo and a little to my daughter,” says Incorvaia to Giada Miceli’s program.

In the meantime, Eleonora Giorgi (Paolo’s mother) met Clizia’s parents on the phone. “We have made video calls all together in the past few days. Our parents get along very well, “says Clizia. “I hope Paolo is my eternal love. We are best friends, lovers and lovers. We tell each other everything about the present and the past, without any fear of being judged by the other. “

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