Clint Eastwood turns 90, from the “Dollar Trilogy” to Inspector Callaghan and an immense directorial career


It turns 90 Clint Eastwood, actor, director, film producer and also composer. The American actor, born in San Francisco in 1930, he made his debut in the world of cinema in 1955 obtaining secondary roles in numerous films until he achieved success with Sergio Leone who chose him as the protagonist of the “Dollar Trilogy”, where is it Clint Eastwood he played “The man with no name”. The American actor has won two awards Oscar for best director, two awards Oscar for best film, theOscar to Irving G. Thalberg memory 6 Golden Globe, 1 prize César and 4 David of Donatello.

The beginnings of his career and the search for a starring role

After managing not to leave for the Korean War thanks to his athletic skills, Clint Eastwood got his first role in 1955 with the film directed by Jack Arnold “The revenge of the monster” where he had few lines. He also acted in some television series and Robert Sparks entrusted him with the starring role in the series “The men of the prairie”. Thanks to his interpretation he obtained a great success in the United States though Eastwood he always said he wasn’t happy with that experience.

The meeting with Sergio Leone and the “Dollar Trilogy”

While shooting some episodes of “The men of the prairie” he received a call from Europe for a western film in Europe shot by the Italian director Sergio Leone. The American actor was not convinced that a European director could make a realistic western film, but became intrigued after reading the script. Eastwood she landed the starring role in “For a Fistful of Dollars” where she played “the nameless man”, a rude and rough mercenary. Eastwood was very successful in Italy and Europe thanks to the “spaghetti western”. Clint Eastwood he starred in two other films of Sergio Leone’s so-called “dollar trilogy” making it a true cult for lovers of western cinema. In the 70s he had a great success with “Inspector Callaghan”Where he was highly acclaimed by the public, but also received harsh criticism of how the police methods were represented.

The director’s career

Clint Eastwood he achieved great success not only as an actor, but also as a director. In 2005, in fact, the American director won the Oscar for best film and direction for his Million Dollar Baby and thanks to this film, he was the oldest actor to receive the gold statuette for best director, having won the award at the age of 74. In 2008, he directed the film “Gran Torino” with which he was very successful. Despite not getting any Oscar nominations, he won the David di Donatello for Best Foreign Film. In his career as a director, Clint Eastwood he also devoted biographical films such as “Invicuts”, where he told the story of Nelson Mandela and the 1995 rugby world cup won by South Africa, or “J Edgar” where is it Leonardo Dicaprio played the director of the FBI, John Edgar Hoover. In 2016, his 38th film as director, “American Sniper”, was released, where he told the story of the best sniper in the United States of America, Chris Kyle, played by Bradley Cooper. In 2016, he also made Sully on the story of Chesley Sullenberger. The film tells the moments that brought the pilot of the flight US Ariways 1549 to make a ditch on the Hudson River in New York after a bird strike caused the two engines to break down. All the passengers were saved. The last two films of the American director have been “The courier – The Mule” in 2018, based on the true story of WWII veteran Leo Sharp, and “Richard Jewell” in 2019, biographical film that recounts the deeds of a security guard who avoids the explosion of a bomb at the 1996 Olympics.

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