“Clinically extinguished coronavirus in Veneto”


The Coronavirus in Veneto it is clinically switched off. Roberto said so Rigoli, director of the Microbiology center of the hospital in Treviso: “The coronavirus is clinically extinguished – his words reported by gazzettino.it -. We are processing nearly two thousand swabs a day. And the cases of positivity are now less than one in a thousand. Furthermore, infected people generally no longer develop serious clinical manifestations, including the elderly. Nobody expected a drop of this magnitude. Not with this speed, at least “.

Only 2% have immunity

“Only 2% of the population has developed immunity – added Rigoli – the virus has changed suddenly from a clinical point of view. We want to go and see what has changed. The Statistics Department of the University of Padua was also associated with the experimental group, the goal is to reach up to thirty test tubes. “

Coronavirus, spot shocks against appetizers in Veneto

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