Claudio Scajola, the judges: “Latacanze di Matacena and Dell’Utri gained in the context of the ‘Roman dinners'”


“The conduct of Scajola and Rizzo is certainly instrumental in allowing Matacena to extend the removal from the execution of the sentence that has been imposed on him”. The Court of Reggio Calabria wrote in the sentence of the “Breakfast” trial in which the former Interior Minister Claudio Scajola he was sentenced to two years in prison at first instance. In the same trial, in January, a year of imprisonment was also imposed on Chiara Rizzo, the wife of the former parliamentarian of Forza Italia Amedeo Matacena, still in hiding in Dubai today. After five years of trial and 120 hearings, for the President Natina Pratticò and for the judges Stefania Rachele and Mariarosa Barbieri “the story of the movement of Matacena from the Arab Emirates to Lebanon is part of a more complex plan of protection of the fugitive through a network of relationships that has origins prior to the same transfer decision of the fugitive “.

This is the most interesting aspect of a process born from an investigation by the Dia coordinated by the assistant prosecutor Giuseppe Lombardo. The court, in fact, shared the accusation of the district anti-mafia directorate who, in 2014, arrested the ex-minister Scajola on the charge of having favored the hiding of Matacena. After analyzing the telephone interceptions between the current mayor of Imperia and Chiara Rizzo, “there is no doubt – it is written in the sentence – on the causal contribution of Scajola in the displacement plan of the fugitive“.

In other words, the former minister “nurturing stronger feelings towards the woman, not entirely reciprocated, placed himself at his complete disposal to solve every problem and he tended to take advantage of every opportunity to be close to her. The trial results demonstrate the existence of undoubted and consolidated relationships between Scajola Claudio and Matacena Amedeo, which went far beyond the bond confined to the emotional and sentimental sphere of two adult people “. The judgment of the Court of Reggio confirms that, as regards Matacena’s attempt to hiding in Lebanon, the liaison man who should have guaranteed the necessary institutional coverage of the operation was Vincenzo Speziale, also involved in the investigation by the assistant prosecutor Lombardo. The same Speziale who is related to the Lebanese phalanx leader, Amin Gemayel, and that after a period of unavailability, he asked for and was granted a one-year prison sentence.

“Scajola, – reads the sentence – together with Speziale organized the move of Matacena to Beirut, where he would have had a guarantee, thanks to the interest of the ex-Lebanese president Gemayel and a high government official, the lawyer Firas, to obtain political asylum “. According to what emerged from the trial, the businessman Speziale had “the ability to put Scajola and Matacena in contact with Gemayel, where both obtained an advantage from this contact: Gemayel to get political support from Scajola and Berlusconi for his return to politics and Matacena to get political asylum in Lebanon“. A story, this, which is intertwined with the escape to Beirut of another far more important figure of Forza Italia, the former senator Marcello Dell’Utriarrested in Beirut.

For the judges “there are parallels between the events”: “The two fugitives matured in the same context “ of the so-called “Roman dinners“, Organized in 2013 by the former secretary of Christian Democracy Pino Pizza which always includes Speziale and Gemayel. But also Emo Danesi, Marcello Dell’Utri and Sergio Billé, the former president of Confcommercio. “The analysis of those records – it is always written in the sentence – gave the investigators proof of the existence of relations between Billè Sergio and Senator Dell’Utri Marcello, as well as Billè with Speziale Vincenzo and Billè with Scajola Claudio”. According to the Court, “it is reasonable to conclude that Dell ‘Utri had been moved to Beirut in those dinners.” And again: “It seems clear that the plan to move Matacena from Dubai and Lebanon also matured within these sticky relationships between characters belonging to the world of politics, commerce, finance, entrepreneurship, masonry (Danesi appears to have been affiliated to the P2 lodge), who often find convergence of interests in helping people who have also been tried and convicted of serious mafia crimes following trials carried out with all the guarantees reserved for defendants in a democratic state “.

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