Claudio Morganti, former League MEP arrested for theft


Claudio Morganti, 47 years old, former MEP of the League from 2009 to 2014, was arrested, together with RA, 25 year old Italian, both resident in the province of Prato, on charges of aggravated theft and continued in competition of products purchased online, for an estimated value of almost 90 thousand euros. In the subsequent European legislature Morganti had re-applied but was not re-elected. In April 2013 he left the League due to conflicts with the secretariat, declaring that he had been expelled.

Morganti allegedly stole between March and May, dozens of packages containing electronic products stored in a company in Calenzano (Florence), thanks to the complicity of the 25-year-old warehouse worker of the company, who instead should have delivered with his transport company. The arrest that took place yesterday and today Morganti and R.A. they appeared in court for the direct trial: the judge validated the double arrest and ordered the residence and signature obligation for both. In the warehouses of the company subject to the thefts by the two arrested, the products purchased by large distribution brands and intended for sale stop. According to what was reconstructed by the investigations of the carabinieri, the two did not detect the arrival of the parcels at the distribution point and later they took them away, thinking they were not discovered. The carabinieri intervened after the investigations and after monitoring them for a long time.

May 30, 2020 (change May 30, 2020 | 20:43)


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