Clashes and fires in America


Clashes, fires, damage, violence in the United States of America after the barbaric killing of a black man. The clock hands went back many years when black people still did not have the same rights as the white man. We are in Minneapolis, a city in the state of Minnesota, and here the police killed a black man the other night. His name was George Floyd, aged 46. Now the city is under siege. Numerous cars were devastated and some shopping centers and the local police headquarters were set on fire. And the revolt does not subside. Go on. Now, however, protests have erupted everywhere and in all the largest cities in America where the presence of African Americans is significant, from Menphis to San Francisco, from Denver to Los Angeles. The Mayor of the city of Minneapolis was forced to ask for the intervention of the National Guard to try to restore order and calm. In the meantime, the four policemen involved in the death of the black man have been dismissed from the service and will soon be interrogated and tried. They made use of the option not to answer. Many politicians, singers and Hollywood artists intervened. Even the United Nations High Commissioner has intervened who has launched an appeal asking the police to stop the killings of African Americans. Also in Milan, a group of demonstrators gathered outside the US Consulate to protest the barbaric killing of the black man. They too have asked for justice for George. But who was George and why was he killed? He was a 46-year-old African American who according to the first reconstruction of the facts would have tried to use a fake document in a mini market. And for such a serious crime does a man kill himself? I miss if he had made an attack or devastated the place! Notified the police immediately intervened and George was identified. He was sitting quietly in a car parked in the street near the mini market. They let him out using violence by blocking him on the ground and handcuffing him. After being handcuffed, a policeman held him to the ground for a long time, pressing his knee violently on the neck of the poor wretch who begged for mercy because he could not breathe. George shouted with the few forces left: “Please leave me, I can’t breathe anymore.” But the policeman had no mercy and pressed his knee harder on the victim’s neck. The scene was filmed by a passer-by and filmed with a mobile phone and then posted on the Web and in a few minutes went around the world. The images in which a police officer is seen immobilizing George by squeezing his neck on the ground with his knee for about seven minutes have sparked horror and indignation.

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