Clash on the dates of the Italian Cup: Inter ready for provocation


The Nerazzurri ready to send Primavera to the pitch

Serie A starts again but the controversy immediately ignites. The clash concerns in particular the dates of the Italian Cup (13 and 14 June) with Inter leading the protest: the restart given to the Italian Cup is defined as disconcerting. “So much to suggest a provocation: in Naples the nerazzurri will take the field with the Primavera team. The anger is justified as follows: in the first week of shooting tournaments, the Nerazzurri “risk” having to play three games, the only big one with such an intense schedule. The semi-final of the return of 14 June (starting from the 0-1 of San Siro) could follow the final of 17 in Rome, and with the resumption of the championship three days later the trio would complete the nerazzurri“, Stresses the Gazzetta dello Sport.

“Not only that: if the championship resumes with the recoveries of the twenty-fifth day, Inter will be the only team called to such a tour de force.”

(Gazzetta dello Sport)




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