Clash in Serie A football: the League sues Sky on Friday for the calendar of Phase 3 of the championship – La Stampa


Phase 3 of the Serie A could take shape by the weekend. The League and the Football Federation await Thursday’s decisive meeting with the Minister of Sport, Vincenzo Spadafora. Also for a matter of institutional grace, the League Council did not express an orientation on the various calendar hypotheses evaluated for the remaining Serie A and Italian Cup matches, which were interrupted almost three months ago due to the coronavirus emergency. Each evaluation is postponed until Friday: after the Council, the Assembly will meet at 11.30 am, convened urgently also to deal with the TV issue, even if the first move has already been decided.

On May 27 the League will file an injunction against Sky, which has not paid the last installment of the TV rights and has asked for a 15-18% discount even if the championship continues. Instead, an agreement is sought with the other licensees, Dazn and Img, whose proposals will be analyzed in the next few hours.

Meanwhile, the world of football remains in suspense until Thursday. Also because the government will still evaluate the flow of data on the infections 48 hours to define the strategy on the displacements between the regions, obviously essential to complete the season. The resumption could start on 13 or 20 June, and among the clubs there are different opinions even on which games it is more appropriate to play first. There are those who, to immediately harmonize the ranking even in the event of a new stop, push to start from the recoveries of the 25 / day, Atalanta-Sassuolo, Verona-Cagliari, Inter-Sampdoria and Turin-Parma. Others prefer to start the recovery with 10 games of the 27 / a day, and then recover the 25 / a immediately after with a midweek shift. The Italian Cup, at the moment, could find space at the end of two months in which the teams will often have to play every three days.

To worry the Assocalciatori there is the risk of injuries, playing so much after a long stop, and it is not the only question raised by the `union ‘, which asks not to play at 16.30 and challenges the rules for enrolling in the Championships that moves the control of the payment of salaries.

On Friday the assembly will also analyze the “plan B”, that is, a format with short playoff and playout phases if there are no conditions for playing all the matches, as required by the press release of the last Football Association Council.

The goal remains to award the Scudetto, define the qualifications for the cups and relegations on August 2, and then give space to the Champions and Europa League. And also for the cups an alternative solution must be considered. The meetings between UEFA, Eca and the European Leagues also continued today, in which other formats, including that of the final four, continue to be analyzed. Another issue to be solved is that of contracts, to be extended to complete the season beyond its natural expiration.

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