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Civilization 6 it’s available free up Epic Games Store: the strategy developed by Firaxis Games is the new one free game offered by the digital platform.

Therefore, the hypotheses that the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt should have been the free game of the week should be denied, but there is little to turn your nose up: we are still faced with a product of great thickness and quality.

To load Civilization VI just visit this page and log in remembering, if you have not already done so, to activate two-factor authentication on the Epic Games Store.

Civilization VI offers new ways to interact with the world, expand your empire on the map, develop your culture and compete with the greatest leaders in history to shape a civilization that can stand the test of time.

See the wonders of your empire unfold grandly on the map. Each city occupies several boxes and it is possible to customize their development to make the most of the characteristics of the territory.

Unlock upgrades to accelerate your civilization’s progress through history. To progress faster, use your units to explore, develop the area and discover new cultures.

Interactions with other civilizations evolve over the course of the game, from early primitive relationships, when war is an integral part of life, to complex alliances and negotiations towards the end of the game.

By perfecting the concept that limits the deployment of armies to one unit per box, support units can now be associated with others, for example anti-tank support with infantry, or a warrior with a group of colonists. It is also possible to combine similar troops to form powerful military “bodies”.

In addition to traditional multiplayer modes, you will be able to cooperate or compete with your friends in a wide variety of challenges designed to be easily completed in a single game session.

Civilization VI offers old enthusiasts new ways to build and develop civilizations by paving the way for success. Accurate tutorials gradually introduce the game concepts to new players to facilitate their first steps.

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