Civilization 6 for free on the Epic Games Store


Civilization 6 the new game free of Epic Games Store after that Grand Theft Auto 5 literally crashed the servers of the well-known gaming service. Epic Games Store grants a free game every Thursday and the offer goes on for a week: there is time, therefore, until 28 May (at 17:00) to redeem and download Civilization 6 for free.

To do this, go to the Civilization 6 page on the Epic Games Store and click on “Get”. You have to log in to the site with your credentials and the game will always be available through the Epic launcher.

Civilization 6 doesn’t need a lot of presentations. We are talking about a huge management that allows you to model the growth of a company, from the first steps in the world of antiquity to space launches, leading the player to make decisions in the political, religious, research, diplomatic, land management and on much more, for dozens of hours of play.

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