Civic assistants, the Interior Ministry knew. And now Borrelli’s armchair wobbles


The story behind the recruitment of the famous 60 thousand civic assistants to manage the social distancing in phase 2, in the aftermath of the reopening of Italy, is a succession of denials and downloadable votes between various representatives of the institutions.

We rewind the tape. With the end of lockdown it is necessary that someone checks that citizens do not defeat the efforts made. In other words: Municipalities cannot reopen parks, beaches or markets, risking to favor wild gatherings, with the risk of making the epidemiological curve skyrocket again. In this regard, he writes The truth, Giuseppe Conte had imagined the existence of ad hoc figures in charge of numbering the accesses to the places with the red dot.

One problem after another

The biggest problem is one: who is this task up to? Nobody specifies it openly. Excluding policemen and carabinieri, since they are not enough and have to deal with other things, and leaving the local police out for similar reasons, the Anci, led by Mayor Antonio De Caro, and the Minister for Regional Affairs, Francesco Boccia, thought to assign the assignment to the Civil Protection.

Here another problem arises. There Civil protection she is engaged in many other activities and does not have the opportunity to fulfill the required tasks. At this point, a solution must be found quickly, otherwise public places cannot open safely. Boccia has an intuition. The minister asks the Civil Protection to recruit at least 60 thousand people.

In a draft the ordinance states that these figures should have worked for free. Their only cost? The clothing, that is the colored bibs, and the training. The budget is 5 million euros. This is how Boccia thinks of launching the idea with an interview.

We come to the third problem: the initiative is nothing short of approximate. The 60,000 people in bibs, also nicknamed “spies”, would find themselves having a veto power over the lives of disproportionate citizens. The government is backing down. Boccia defends herself while the interior minister, Luciana Lamorgese, (as well as other ministers) says she has not been informed.

Borrelli scapegoat?

L’opening words of the ordinance to kick off the call is very clear: “Further urgent civil protection interventions in relation to the emergency relating to the health risk connected to the onset of pathologies deriving from transmissible viral agents. Contrast measures and containment of the pandemic through the institution of the figure of the Civic Assistants“.

The document always adds The truth, however, specify that Angelo Borrelli, head of the Civil Protection department, heard from Inail, Anci and the Ministry of Economy and even the Interior Ministry (the latter probably to deal with issues of public order).

Lamorgese, therefore, would not only have been contacted but would also have given her positive opinion, given that the text has been completed. This is why the Giallorossi government intends to move forward: going backwards would mean taking back a good part of the decrees on the reopening. The feeling is that all the “faults” can fall on a scapegoat. The clues lead straight to Angelo Borrelli, whose name must appear under the document.

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