Civic assistants, shortly the call: who they are and what they will do


There will be 60,000, but “maybe more will be needed” according to Deputy Minister of Health Pierpaolo Sileri. The civic assistants will serve to ensure compliance with the measures on social distancing, will not be able to make fines, but will be able to report any non-compliance, and will also deal with other voluntary activities to facilitate phase 2.

In waiting for the call, which should be published this week, here is a first identikit of the figure of the civic assistant, explained by the Minister for Regional Affairs Francesco Boccia.

“The civic assistant – says the guest minister to on Tuesday, on La7– go to the churches, check the number of people who can enter and help the flow. All he can do is remember the rules. Or do something, as the mayor of Bari Decaro recalled, which is the most important thing at the moment: bring food and medicines to the elderly and to all those who need it. This is what volunteers are used for, not to serve as a civic guard, which is a spotty reconstruction that has never been written and has never been told. ”

“Neither militias, patrols, nor guards – the minister stresses -. Civic assistants are volunteers like those who went to hospital wards, it has been going since late March ”.

On civic assistants, Boccia explained, “there is a request from the ANCI, there is a comparison between my ministry and the Ministry of Labor. We will confront each other, we are working on the announcement“. And as regards the confrontation with the other ministers, Lamorgese, he underlines, “perceived that there were within the ordinance, but there were no ambiguous profiles and we clarified ourselves. But there has never been public security written. We clarified ourselves, took note of this ”.

“I I didn’t ask for guards, only volunteers such as those who already help us to keep our communities up and running, “explained ANCI president and mayor of Bari Antonio Decaro in an interview with Corriere della Sera. Supervisory roles? “But that’s not what they should do. If I reopen the parks and I have no one who counts how many people enter, I cannot reopen the parks. I give an example: in Bari, the city of which I am mayor, during the quarantine I had 700 volunteers – he explains – who brought parcels to the elderly, medicines to those in isolation, took care of children with hospitalized parents, telephoned people to make them feel less alone. Here, today I have only 250, the others have returned to their work. But even in phase 2, citizens need help. And so it happens in the 8 thousand Municipalities of Italy “.

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