Civic assistants, bipartisan criticism. But the Ministry of Regional Affairs clarifies: “They are not patrols”


There is controversy over the “office” of the 60,000 civic assistants whom the government intends to make available of Municipalities to manage entrances to public spaces, enforcing social distancing. And so, while the mayors, starting with the president of the Anci Antonio Decaro (which explains it today to Republic), and governors like Stefano Bonaccini, president of the State-Regions Conference, are in favor of the initiative, criticisms and doubts about the real usefulness of such a measure, even within the majority, flock in the political world.



Phase 2, Mayor Decaro (Anci): “Ready to use volunteers for checks on the premises and on the beaches”

But sources from the Ministry of Regional Affairs make it clear that civic assistants will not be able to impose fines: “Assistants civic they are not patrols. They do not receive allowances, they are volunteers available to the mayors “.



Movida alarm on reopenings: 60 thousand volunteers for checks

The criticisms of the opposition …

From the sides of the opposition, the spokesman for Forza Italia Giorgio Mulé it dismisses the provision as “yet another ruse” of the government. “We lacked the ‘Covid auxiliaries’ – says Mulè – the clumsy Civic Guard made up of assistants civic recruited from the integrated fund and income earners of citizenship who will be asked to carry out anti-contagion checks and to ‘demonstrate civic sense’. We call things by their name: it is the umpteenth trick of a government that delays the future and chases the present. One question among many … what happened to the Immuni App with which you have pestered us for months as a precondition for the start of Phase 2? Ah know … “.


Coronavirus, the Immuni app arrives in 10-15 days. Source code published

The leader of Fratelli d’Italia Giorgia Meloni he even speaks of the government’s “authoritarian drift”: “What is – he wonders – the cricket-piddine version of the guardians of the revolution? I really think he’s exaggerating. The authoritarian drift we are witnessing is taking on grotesque outlines but not for this less dangerous than any other liberticidal drift. I advise the government not to pull too tight because the Italians are tired and angry “.

An “Orwellian idea” is the definition instead + Europe: “It does not seem a good idea because in recent months we have seen mayors and local administrators verbally attacking citizens from their social pages, an attitude that should be contrasted and not supported by providing them an instrument like this small army of volunteers, perhaps diligent but certainly unprepared, “he says Giordano Masini, coordinator of the secretariat of + Europa.

… and the majority

As said contrary rumors also arise from the majority. “If you open the premises in the places where the premises are, people go there. If you do not want them to go or you want them to go there in limited numbers, organize first the influx, procedures and controls. No civic assistants are needed. Ministers are needed to do the ministers and administrators who act as administrators. Not a host of influencers who indignantly comment on the photos of the day, “writes the deputy of the Democratic Party on Facebook Matteo Orfini.

Even the leader of Italia Viva Matteo Renzi declares in agreement with Orfini: “As often happens I think like Matteo @Orfini #assistenticivici”, he writes on Twitter, relaunching the Democrat’s post.

in reproduction ….

“#assistenticivici For what? Why? With what tasks? But really after the hoax of the navigators we must also suffer this nonsense?”, adds the deputy of Italy alive Gennaro Migliore on Twitter.

“The proposal of the assistants civic it is wrong – comments the senator of Leu Francesco Laforgia – because it reflects an idea of ​​poor, low-paid or unpaid work intended for recipients of some state support who must feel perpetually indebted to it. And it is wrong because in this way people are treated as infants who need a nanny and not as citizens to be empowered “.

Doubts are also expressed by the former commissioner, prefect and politician Achille Serra: “The ‘civic guards’ charged, among other things, to control the nightlife, would be amateurs in jeopardy – he says – devoid of any experience, at the risk of a ‘vaffa’ or woodwind. These people are put at risk. they have no power – he continues – they have a coat on them, they go in the midst of the nightlife of guys full of beer and, if it suits them, they take a few bad words, if they hit them well too. ”

Clarification from the Ministry of Regional Affairs

As said the ministry led by Francesco Boccia he clarified that civic assistants will not have immediate intervention power. Their control activities will be exhausted to the maximum in reporting any gathering situations to the police and law enforcement agencies. The assistants civicthey will also not be paid. These are volunteers who will take care, for example, of helping Municipalities and Civil Protection in tasks such as the delivery of meals at home for the elderly, the delivery of medicines, support in the implementation of social distancing measures. They will be employed for a maximum of 16 hours per week. In the past few weeks, when many production activities were locked down, the related duties were carried out by volunteers who then returned to work when the factories reopened.

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