Citizenship income, integration for domestic workers and carers who ask for the bonus: how it works


Since yesterday, domestic workers and carers can also ask for a bonus to deal with the coronavirus emergency. INPS has activated the service for requests for compensation of 500 euros per month (for two months, April and May) addressed to non-cohabiting domestic workers who have work relationships for at least 10 hours a week.

According to the Technical Report of the Relaunch Decree, 460,000 workers could ask for the bonus (for 460 million of expenditure) and it is estimated that there are about 16,000 servants belonging to families with citizenship income. For the latter, if the amount of the monthly subsidy is less than that of the bonus, instead of giving the allowance citizenship income up to 500 euros is integrated. Still according to the technical report, on average, around 260 euros are to be integrated. So the overall burden on the state could reach 460.3 million by 2020.

THE QUESTION. To make the request you must be in possession of the Pin Inps, the Spid, or the National Service Card (Cns) or the Cie, the electronic Identity Card. In the past few days, the domestic labor unions have asked for changes to the decree during the conversion because at the moment a significant part of the audience would be excluded starting from the carers as they live with the employer.

INPS DATA. According to the latest INPS data available for 2018, there were almost 860,000 regular domestic workers (53% registered as domestic workers and 47% as carers). The undeclared rate in the sector is very high with about two million total workers (according to Federcolf data) in Italian families, 1.2 million of whom with irregular employment relationships. Another option opens up for the latter.

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