cigarettes reduce the risk, “what a mistake those who hate blondes” – Libero Quotidiano


Giuliano Ferrara, in his editorials on the Sheet, quote theEconomist and the study of the Parisian hospital Pitié-Salpêtrière, signed by the Institut Pasteur and the Sorbonne, with endorsement from the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory of the state of New York. where it seems that only the 5 percent of smokers, between February 28 and April 9, the climax of the epidemic of coronavirus, and resorted to intense and invasive treatments following contagion.

L’Economist reports that smokers can more easily take care of themselves at home because symptoms do not develop them or develop them in reduced form. Ferrara notes how tobacco smoke and nicotine intake may have transformed i sinners of the 21st century “In useful guinea pigs for a great epidemiological experiment worldwide” and explains that “everyone should bow to a harsh reality: detesting tobacco smoke and nicotine consumption, in the form of prohibition and social condemnation as a new religion, is not probably a great find on the sanitation plan, nowadays”.

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