China-USA, a new Cold War in sight? The Chinese Foreign Minister speaks


China and the USA are at loggerheads. After the mutual accusations that the two countries are on the responsibilities related to the spread of Coronavirus, the Chinese Foreign Minister spoke of a new cold war between the two powers

During Press conference which was held- in China– on the sidelines of the parliamentary work that kept the Xi Jinping government busy, Foreign Minister Wang Yi spoke and pronounced heavy words with reference to relations currently existing between China and the US. It seems that the tensions of the last few months, largely due to the accusations than the two powers they launched each other on responsibilities related to the outbreak and spread of Coronavirus, are taking the world to the brink of a new one Cold War.

Cold War between China and the US? Minister Wang Yi: “The US should respect”

China and the United States of America should not be in conflict but they should work together in a win-win and mutual respect logic. The Foreign Minister said so Wang Yi during a press conference. However, this is not the case and the Chinese Minister added that “China and the US are on the verge of a new Cold War“.

The problem I’m not alone the charges that the US launched to China, declaring it responsible for the Coronavirus pandemic, but also the failure of the States to respect China and its intention to develop as a nation. In particular, the reference focused on issue of China-Taiwan unification and on the interference that the Washington government would tend to pursue in this sense.

Cold War between China and the US? Xi Jinping government ready to cooperate on Coronavirus investigation

Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that China is willing to cooperate with other countries to shed light on the origin of the Coronavirus. We are also thinking of organizing a China-EU summit, the minister said, that it can take place at the appropriate time. The only stake that the country puts: on this collaboration political interference will not have to weigh.

The reference to, once again, al behavior held by the United States. Trump’s US, according to China, stigmatize the country e disseminate unconfirmed information.

Maria Chin

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