China squeeze on Hong Kong, Trump promises “certain decisions”


The president of the United States of America, Donald Trump, announced that it will hold a press conference on China tomorrow, Friday 29 May.

Trump’s announcement follows the news that the National People’s Congress has approved the tightening on Hong Kong which, therefore, risks a reduction in its autonomy since Beijing government.

This is a move that, according to analysts, risks provoking an escalation of the tensions that already exist between the US and China. The announcement by the president of the United States has already caused a negative effect on Wall Street where the earnings obtained during the day were burned. The Dow Jones ended the session by losing 0.58%, the Nasdaq 0.56% and the S & P500 0.21%.

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Trump, speaking of tomorrow, said: “We will make certain decisions and discuss them tomorrow.” China, meanwhile, has already collected the sentencing of UK, Canada is Australia, as well as the USA. The four foreign ministers, in a joint note, said that the Chinese decision to impose a new security law in Hong Kong represents a “direct violation of Beijing’s international obligations” under the Sino-British declaration signed at the time of the return of the colony and “registered by the UN”.

In practice, the autonomy of Hong Kong is at risk through the security law, even with the suppression of protest movements.

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