China, no US infection for the first time: almost 96 thousand dead. Hertz: bankruptcy


China has announced that it has not registered any new coronavirus infections for the first time since it started collecting data in January.

The announcement came the day after the opening of the People’s Congress, in which “great successes” were celebrated in the fight against the virus. The official death toll for Covid-19 in the country is 4,634, well below the number declared by much smaller countries. Doubts have been expressed in recent months about the reliability of the data released by Beijing.

In the past 24 hours, coronavirus deaths in the United States have been 1,260. This is what emerges from the data of John Hopkins University. The cases in the US have now exceeded 1.6 million, while total deaths are approaching the 100,000 threshold, reaching 95,921.

Meanwhile, on Friday 22nd, the first images of Donald Trump appeared with that mask that so far he had always refused to use in public. The tycoon wore a navy blue for the first time when visiting a Ford factory near Detroit converted to produce respirators, as seen in a video broadcast by Sky News and in photos posted on social media. But when he met the reporters he was without: «It is not necessary, I was tested today. I had a first one, in the reserved area, but I didn’t want to give the press the satisfaction of seeing me. ”

The global car rental giant Hertz, in crisis due to the consequences of the coronavirus, has filed for bankruptcy in the United States and Canada. The company announced it in a statement. “Covid-19’s impact on the relocation application was sudden and dramatic, causing a sharp drop in the company’s revenue and future bookings,” he said in a press release. Operations in other areas, including Europe, Australia and New Zealand, are not included in the Chapter 11 filing in the United States

A parking lot of rental cars in Los Angeles, United States

Hertz claims to have taken “immediate action” to protect the health and safety of its employees and customers and to have eliminated “all non-essential expenses”. “However – the note explains -, uncertainties remain about the return of income and the complete reopening of the market, which made today’s action necessary”.

On April 21, Hertz had cut 10,000 jobs in North America, or 26.3% of its global workforce, in an attempt to preserve liquidity in view of the uncertainties resulting from the pandemic. The recourse to “Chapter 11” is a device that allows a company that can no longer repay its debt to reorganize itself away from creditors. “The financial reorganization will provide Hertz with a path to a more solid financial structure that will position the company better for the future,” concludes the note. Franchise sites that do not belong to the company are also excluded from the procedure.


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