China, Hong Kong security law approved – Last Hour


(ANSA) – BEIJING, MAY 28 – The National People’s Congress,
the legislative branch of the Chinese parliament gave the green light
the adoption of the Hong Kong National Security Law,
which traced the protests back to the former British colony.

In the final vote of the final session, the assembly has
also approved the first Civil Code of the Republic
popular. The assembly approved with 2,878 in favor, one
contrary and 6 abstained, the proposal to impose the Hong Kong
controversial law that will punish secession, subversion of power
government, terrorism and acts that endanger security

The text developed is little known: the Standing Committee
of Congress will work on specific modalities of the law and
on its application, possible by circumventing the vote of
local parliamentarian. Yesterday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has
claimed that Hong Kong is no longer autonomous from
China, laying the foundations for the removal of the special status
of the city in its relations with the USA.


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