China, close to Hong Kong. Trump announces press conference


(Teleborsa) – Beijing does not go back and indeed proceeds with conviction on the tightening of autonomy Hong Kong. Yesterday, the National People’s Assembly approved the resolution that mandates the drafting of a national security law for the former British colony. A move that, according to analysts, is likely to provoke an escalation of tensions already existing and always lives between the USA and China.A showdown full-blown by Beijing against the Hong Kong protest, the international community and the United States, ready to intervene. Yesterday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompey, certified before the American Congress that the high degree of autonomy in Hong Kong no longer exists, paving the way for sanctions in against China.

Ready to collect the gauntlet, obviously, the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, which announced a press conference on China for Friday 29 May.

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