Chiellini: When Higuain arrived at Juventus he repeated “Here is paradise”


TORINO “I remember the early days of Higuain in Turin, he could even go out for an aperitif and maybe the fans asked him for only two selfies. “This is paradise!”, He repeated every day “. Giorgio writes it Chiellini, captain of the Juve and the national team in a piece of his autobiography, telling the times of Higuain’s arrival in black and white. A transfer, the one from Naples, painful for many Neapolitan fans. “A paradise – writes Chiellini – which is made possible by the fact that Juventus really is a family, not just the football team of a large family “.

Chiellini: “Higuain type tough, but sensitive”

“Gonzalo – continues Chiellini – he’s a tough guy, a big, demanding but big guy: he always needs to feel a lot of confidence around him. I love it, I like its Latin expansiveness. He is a companion, and he is a sensitive person: this made him “feel” many, perhaps too many matches. But each of us is made as it is, we can only work on the raw material that has been shaped by our parents. This means that we can do a lot, not everything, and that imprinting weighs “.


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