Chiariello: “Napoli-Inter, threat of Marotta! Have you read what the team writes?”


The journalist Umberto Chiariello, who spoke on the microphones of Canale 21, expressed some considerations on the recovery of Italian football.

Umberto Chiariello released some statements to the microphones of Campania Sport, broadcast broadcast of in-depth analysis on hot topics in the Neapolitan house – and not only – broadcast on the frequencies of Channel 21. We offer you an extract of his considerations relating to Italian football: Beppe Marotta has threatened to field Primavera in the Italian Cup against Napoli. Italian Cup that will be anticipated compared to the championship with two big matches visible in the clear in the early evening. Napoli will immediately be in a position to fight for a goal. “

Chiariello then added: “Personally, I have always talked about ‘cup’, but today it acquires a significant meaning, because Italian football starts again from the TIM Cup. He expects to take the field and Napoli is focused. Calcium must reopen and return to a normal life in the time of the Coronavirus. At the stadium you go with a mask, your own car and so on. It is possible, virologists have also said: football is even safer than other things, even a line in the supermarket. Have you read what the French said? The team wonders: are we co ** ions ?, because in France they rushed to close the championship before others “.

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