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Vauro Senesi

Not even the interceptions of the magistrates against Matteo Salvini they were enough to make Vauro change his mind. The cartoonist with clear political tendencies, close to the junta’s vote for immunities on the Open Arms case, comes up with another nice drawing on the Everyday occurrence. A representation that, as obvious as it is, sees the leader of the League protagonist. Here we read “Salvini shows the chest to the firing squad” and the adjective “heroic” above a Salvini portrait with his pants down and intent on showing the lower back.

Is Vauro also in the ranks of those who believe that the leader of the Carroccio escape from the processes? From this drawing it would seem so. It is a pity, however, that the cartoonist has forgotten what Salvini really is targeted by the judiciary for two cases: the case of Open Arms and that of Gregoretti. The Senate will decide on the first if it will decide whether to send him to trial on charges of kidnapping, on the other hand it was the same judiciary to postpone the trial in October. Accomplice in the chaos that is investing justice after the interceptions in which the magistrate Luca Palamara invited other togas to give against the League even if he was right. Clearer than that.

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