Check the “Covid tax”: from 2 to 4 euros in the receipts


Not only an average increase of 25% for hair cutting and styling, but also an additional item on the receipt: the “Covid tax”, from 2 to 4 euros. The complaint of the Codacons, reported by Sole 24 Ore, raises the alarm on price increases in phase 2 of Coronavirus. The tax Covid it would be a surplus required to contribute to the costs of sanitizing and securing the premises.

Coronavirus, Mandatory kits for 10 euros

Not only that: always the Codacons reports that some beauticians require, for the emergency Covid, “Mandatory kits to be worn at an extra cost of 10 euros charged to the customer “. After more than two months of closures, hairdressers and beauticians have long waiting lists. In recent days, the alarm had already started for the price increases affecting coffee, which in many places went to 1.20 euros or even more for drinking over the counter.

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