“Check out the Covid tax, up to 4 euros more”





Codacons complaint: Check the Covid tax, up to 4 euros more

Tick ​​in Italy thereCovid tax‘, a 2 to 4 euro tax applied by merchants to their customers, and inserted directly as a surcharge in the receipt, to finance the higher costs incurred by commercial businesses due to the coronavirus. This was reported by Codacons, which has been receiving consumer reports on price increases and original items of expenditure applied by exhibitors for days. “Numerous consumers have reported a surcharge to Codacons, on average from 2 to 4 euros, applied in particular by hairdressers and beauty centers to its customers – states the President Carlo Rienzi -. A tax included in the receipt with the entry “Covid” and which would be imposed as a mandatory contribution to support the expenses of the operators for sanitizing and securing the premises “.

“But not only. We have also recorded cases of beauty centers that force customers to purchase a disposable kit on site consisting of kimonos and slippers, at the modest sum of 10 euros – adds Rienz – who does not pay this “tax” and does not buy the kit, cannot undergo treatments, always for the needs related to Covid “. A real” illegal west that could configure the crime of fraud, and against which Codacons lodges a complaint with the Guardia di Finanza and the Antitrust Authority, providing all the reports received in this regard, so that the necessary investigations into the territory can be initiated “, adds the Association, which reminds citizens “that they can send reports of price increases and various surcharges to the email [email protected]”.

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