Chechnya, leader Kadyrov has Covid Ma on social threats journalists and “greasers”


He imposed the strictest isolation measures on all his fellow citizens but he was shown on state TV while he entertained cheerfully with friends and associates during a barbecue. Ramzan Kadyrov, president and undisputed lord of Chechnya, would now be ill with Covid. And after giving gods traitors to doctors who had talked about the deficiencies in the health system of the Caucasian republic, would have been careful not to rely on the care of local hospitals. According to news released by the opposition and not officially confirmed, the Chechen leader she flew to Moscow with his personal plane to be admitted to the Central Clinical Hospital, the one reserved for the nomenclature.

The 43-year-old president is said to be in a critical situation, with 70% of his lungs damaged, according to Baza, a gossip channel on the social Telegram. But in the early afternoon on Vkontakte, another social channel, Kadyrov posted greetings to the defense minister who turned 65. But was it really him? Or was the post written by one of his collaborators? The press service of the Chechen presidency refused to provide information on Kadyrov’s health.

In the republic that he has pacified and which he manages on behalf of the Kremlin, the sick so far ascertained would be a thousand out of a population of one and a half million inhabitants. There are just eleven victims registered. According to reports from the independent newspaper Novaya Gazeta, it is possible that many of the infected are not reported by relatives for fear of retaliation by local authorities. The tests carried out are very few and so many people don’t know if they are virus positive or not. And therefore they continue to circulate.

Kadyrov branded the possible “greasers” with fiery words, officially speaking on TV of those who should have been in quarantine and who had instead been seen in the center of Grozny, the capital: “They must be thrown into a pit and left there to die.” For the Chechen president, infected people who knowingly violate the quarantine are worse than terrorists: “These can kill some people but the sick could kill tens of thousands.”

Yet it was Kadyrov himself who gave the Chechens “his” recipe for curbing the disease: «Lemon, honey and garlic». This after weeks of denying the existence of the coronavirus. Then, after the first wave of contagions, it changed register, closing its borders and by ordering the population to stay indoors. Of course, all those who spread news other than the ones he liked ended up under his arrows. Doctors had to retract their criticisms and apologize. The correspondent of Novaya Gazeta Yelena Milashina has been repeatedly threatened. The president himself wrote on Instagram: “If you want us to commit a crime, let us know immediately.”

May 21, 2020 (change May 21, 2020 | 19:02)


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