Chat Palamara, the prosecutor wanted to apply with the Democratic Party


Digging through the various chats of Luca Palamara it appears that the prosecutor, investigated for an alleged corruption, was ready to take the field with the Pd, both in the 2018 legislative elections and the 2019 European elections.

According to what the newspaper reports The truth everything would start from one conversation dated 7 November 2018, when Cosimo Ferri, then deputy Dem in the Renzi party, wrote the following message to Palamara: “Next week meeting with Luca. And Matteo“. After a week another noteworthy conversation, always started by Ferri and addressed to Palamara: “I had a long clarification with Luca. Organize him coffee. With M“.

The discussion becomes more intense: “I reiterated – continues Ferri – even two goals. Open on both: the first does not give guarantees, however, because I do not speak (speak, ed) with Zingaretti?“. It is possible that Lotti could not guarantee a safe place for the 2019 European championships. As far as Zingaretti is concerned, he always points out The truth, it seems that the current Secretary Dem was in close relations with Palamara, since the latter congratulated “Nicola“For the”big win“Obtained at the regional of 2018, reaffirming the need to restart”from here all together“.

“Too bad you don’t take the field anymore”

Having ascertained that within the Palamara network there were several leftist politicians, as well as VIPs, judges and various magistrates, to understand where the idea of ​​a possible was born candidacy of the pm in the Democratic Party it is necessary to return at the end of October 2018.

At that time Lotti was about to be indicted and we were at the gates of the primary between Renzi and Zingaretti. But already in 2017 Palamara was fondling the hypothesis of a descent on the pitch, at least judging from a conversation with the then Rome prosecutor, Giuseppe Pignatone. “I saw the start of your speech. Thanks for the quote, but it’s a serious shame that you have rightly decided not to go to politics now“Wrote the latter.

In May 2019 Palamara is furious over the decisions of the Prosecutor and the idyll between the two seems to end. “I will only calm down when Pignatone calls me and tells me what happened with Consip, because he wanted to sit at the table with you, he wanted to talk to Matteo, he created the assignment and then he leaves me with the match in hand. I burn myself and they have fun”, He communicates to Lotti.

The meetings with Boschi

From the chats of the prosecutor, he adds The truth, it also emerges that Palamara, among other Dem representatives, was a frequent visitor to Maria Elena Boschi. Proof? A chat with Giovanna Boda, at the time of the facts collaborating with Boschi herself.

In November 2017 Palamara was to organize an event match in the province of Reggio Calbria. Boda thus informs the prosecutor: “I just talked to her. She has only one doubt NOT about the game, but about her presence. If you call me when you can, I’ll explain everything and proceed. Meanwhile, we can still play the game and then she decides at the last moment whether to come or not“.

In February Boda is even more explicit: “PFor your meeting, she proposes tomorrow at 1pm to the Majestic Chopin room reserved for you two. Ok for you? He wants to talk to you“. It’s still: “We are one team!”, Complete with an exclamation mark. 24 hours pass and Palamara asks Boda if her interlocutor was happy. Boda’s response: “Yes you do! He told me: this meeting was needed! You are happy? It went well? “.

Csm and assignments to be distributed

The Corriere della Sera instead it focuses on other conversations between Ferri and Palamara. From what the newspaper writes, both try to choose the Rome prosecutor. On April 29, 2019, the deputy wrote to the prosecutor that he had inquired about the missing documentation in order to keep the practice going. “The board of directors of the Court of Cassation has to do it, it doesn’t pass through us“he explains to his interlocutor.

Other chats show that Palamara had become agitated over some amendments that proposed moving the age of retirement of magistrates at 72 years old. Such an event would have caused the changes that interested him to slip. “If it were true, Prosecutors Rome and Perugia skipped … do you know anything ?? But is it concrete? Hopefully not. It would be a disaster“, writes the prosecutor to Ferri.

Regarding the movements on the appointments it is interesting to read a conversation dated May 2018. To speak with Palamara is the Florence prosecutor, Giuseppe Creazzo: “Today I met Cosimo Ferri who specifically asked me who I prefer for the third added of the two from the independent judiciary. This is my thought, for what it’s worth, in the obvious respect of every decision that you will make“.

The Emilian magistrate, Gianluigi Morlini, instead turned to Palamara on assignments to distribute in its region. Next to a list of seven posts, he always explains The Corriere della Sera, there were names to place and the relevance of each appointment. They went from “very important” to the “we have to talk about it, it is important that it is ours” to the “you do“. On December 17th Palamara asks Morlini:”President of the Bologna work section, what do you say?“. The answer is not long in coming:”Dear Luca, as I told you I would leave you as an “exchange”: S. is a historical democratic magistracy, V. is another Taliban of Md, I don’t know the third“.

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