Chat Palamara, the Democratic Party asked the judges to attack Salvini


A sort of press campaign orchestrated to perfection to hit Matteo Salvini, at the time of the events Interior Minister. Scrolling through the various chats of Luca Palamara, it would seem that the main objective of some robes and part of politics was to remove the secretary of the Carroccio from the scene.

According to what was rebuilt by the newspaper The truth, the theme of the landing of the Diciotti ship in Catania would have been used as a pick to stagger Salvini, who had “reason“but, in that very delicate moment, he had to be attacked with a drawn sword. To orchestrate the campaign against the minister it would have been the vice-president of the superior council of the judiciary Giovanni Legnini, among other things undersecretary of two governments led by the Democratic Party.

The conversation between Palamara and Legnini

We rewind the tape and try to reconstruct the story. On August 24, 2018, he still writes The truth, Legnini contacts the councilor Palamara: “Luca, tomorrow we have to say something about the known story of the ship. I know you have not heard from Valerio (the councilor of the CSM at altitude Area, Valerio Fracassi, ed.). Ai (Autonomy and Independence, editor’s note) has already made a press release, Area (the left-wing current of the robes, editor’s note) agrees to take an initiative Galoppi idem (the CSM councilor Claudio Galoppi, editor’s note). Listen to them and let me know in the morning“. It is the preamble to a conversation which, as we shall see, has a very specific purpose.

Palamara’s answer is not long in coming: “Okay, I’m ready too. I’ll call you later and I’ll update you“At that point, he always stresses in his reconstruction of the facts The truth, Legnini insists: “Yes, but tomorrow morning you have to produce a note, in short, something“At that point Palamara writes to Fracassi: the two meet the next day. The prosecutor then receives a message:”We must hurry! I have already prepared one draft request. Before talking to the others, let’s agree it“.

The draft must be approved as soon as possible. The signatures, decide Palamara and Fracassi, will insert “in alphabetical order“We arrive on August 25, when the agencies beat a news that cannot go unnoticed: four councilors of Palazzo dei Marescialli, including Palamara, ask to put the migrants case on the agenda of the first plenum of the CSM. The document reads that “verification of compliance with the rules is a duty in the interest of the institutions“.

The interventions we have witnessed, by origin, tone and content risk negatively affecting the regular exercise of the investigations in progress. We believe that a CSM intervention is necessary to protect the independence of the judiciary and the peaceful conduct of investigative activities“, continues the document. Legnigni, in another statement, writes that the request will be dealt with in the first presidential committee.”Our goal is exclusively to guarantee the independence of the judiciary“he adds.

Salvini’s encirclement is complete. But even among the same robes, someone raises an eyebrow. The message of the Viterbo prosecutor, Paolo Auriemma, in Palamara is emblematic: “I really don’t see where Salvini is wrong. Illegitimate attempts are made to enter Italy and the Minister of the Interior intervenes to prevent this from happening“Palamara pulls straight: the secretary of the Carroccio goes”attached“.”Investigated for not allowing invaders to enter. We are indefensible. indefensible“, concludes Auriemma.

Salvini: “Very serious situation”

The subject of the chat between judges, Matteo Salvini, comes out and comments on what happened: “After the insults and the admission “Salvini is right but must be attacked”, today La Verità publishes other incredible interceptions, which reveal the nature of some initiatives of the magistrates against myself“.

The plots of Giovanni Legnini emerge, vice-president of the CSM and under-secretary of two Pd-led governments, to make the Superior Council of the Judiciary intervene in support of the investigations on the landing of immigrants from the Eighteen ship Salvini increases the dose.On that occasion, from what La Verità reconstructs, four councilors of the CSM (including Luca Palamara who called me “m …”) invoked the intervention of the CSM – as ordered by Legnini – to defend “the independence of the judiciary ”that I would have endangered“.

A moment later, Legnini publicly replied that the only objective was to ensure “the independence of the judiciary”, wrapping the message (immediately relaunched by the Repubblica website) of a judiciary above the parties and concerned because Minister Salvini dared to defend the ‘THEtalia and claimed to block landings by refusing to be accused of being a kidnapper“, concludes the former interior minister.

Salvini then launches an appeal to the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella: “I am sure that the Head of State will not remain indifferent: it affects the credibility of the entire Italian judiciary, the situation is now intolerable and drastic, rapid and decisive interventions are needed for the good of the country“.

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