Chaos for the red areas excluded from the funds of the decree. Zaia and De Luca attack the government


Still high tension between Regions and Government. To undermine relationships, already experienced by weeks of clashes during the management of the lockdown, between the executive Conte and the governors Luca Zaia and Vincenzo De Luca the exclusion of some Veneto and Campania municipalities from the list of red areas, those affected first by the pandemic and declared closed in advance of the rest of the country, recipients of a fund of 200 million euros. The mode of dismissal from the resources allocated by Article 112 of the Relaunch decree to ignite the spirits: with an incorrect corrige in the Official Gazette, what was initially promised to the governors was canceled. In practice, in the first formulation the decree established that the fund of 200 million in addition to the Municipalities of the provinces of Bergamo, Brescia, Cremona, Lodi and Piacenza was extended to those declared red zone for at least thirty days. But a change has suppressed the latter possibility, triggering the attack by Zaia and De Luca. This decree will be thrown in the bin and will have to be rewritten, because in my opinion absolutely embarrassing, the Veneto governor punctuates, adding: We do not only have Vo, we have Treviso, Venice and Padua. Those are the famous three red areas established on March 8, which arrive in line at the 10 Municipalities of Lodigiano, the provinces of Brescia and Bergamo, Lodi and Piacenza. After 24 hours from that March 8, Italy becomes all red zone, but nobody – Zaia remembers – has revoked ours, which go hand in hand with the Lombard ones. The decree says it must have been a red zone for at least 30 days; the red areas were lifted on April 13. Now by magic the areas of Veneto have disappeared and those of Emilia-Romagna and Lombardy have remained.

To thunder also De Luca. Incredible government decision. disconcerting that he only imagined excluding the former red areas (Vallo di Diano, Ariano Irpino area) from the fund dedicated to the areas affected by the Covid emergency. We ask that this provision be corrected immediately.

The response from the government comes from the front of the M5S. The Foreign Minister, Luigi Di Maio, specifies: I think it is right to intervene to correct the rule on funds for Municipalities affected by Covid. Instead of limiting it to those of 5 provinces, funds must be extended to all municipalities that have become red areas. The same deputy minister of economics, Laura Castelli, Di Maio’s party colleague. So much so that an amendment of the M5S would already be ready to restore the original rule. To announce a modification to the decree also Italy alive by mouth of Davide Faraone. All red areas must be refreshed from the bottom in the relaunch decree on which a yellow opens. There are no red zones in Serie A and Serie B. We will present an amendment to correct this discrimination.

May 21, 2020 (change May 21, 2020 | 11:12 pm)


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