Champions League Final, Istanbul give up? Sensational background. Meanwhile, check the possible date


According to reports in the New York Times, Turkish organizers would not like to play the race behind closed doors.

The calendar revolution of the various associations is not the only problem faced by UEFA, the highest European football body. According to what we read on New York Timesin fact, a new problem would have arisen also for the venue of the final of Champions League: Istanbul he would be thinking of giving up hosting the big event given the indication to play the race behind closed doors. A really sensational background that could force UEFA to look for a new venue for the last act of the tournament.

For now from Nyon neither confirmations nor denials in this sense arrive, but the impression is that something is about to happen. “On the calendar and the format all the options are on the table and a decision could be made in the Executive on June 17th”, UEFA said in a France Press, suggesting that nothing has yet been decided. Not even as regards the date of the final, which, according to rumors, could be played on August 29. Obviously admitted to find a venue in a short time if Istanbul really had to give up officially.

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