“Champions League final, does Istanbul give up? UEFA is looking for a venue “


L’Uefa is studying “all the options“for the calendar and format of the Champions League this season, whose final was originally scheduled for next Saturday in Istanbul. The New York Times speaks of a renunciation of the Turkish city, given the indication to play behind closed doors, and sources of Nyon they did not deny it to the France Press. “On the calendar and the format all the options are on the table and a decision could be made in the Executive on 17 June“According to the American newspaper, Istanbul would be ready to give up in exchange for a reassignment in another season.

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Champions League final on August 29th?

The Champions League final date could be set for August 29th. In today’s edition, the New York Times reported that the final could be moved from Turkey but that Istanbul could be chosen for a future final when the free movement of fans will be possible. Turkey, a country of 83 million, has so far recorded 4,461 deaths related to Coronavirus and almost 161,000 confirmed cases. The country is currently in the process of easing the blockade measures introduced to halt the spread of the virus and its national football season is expected to resume on June 12th. Changes may also be made to the Europa League format, the final of which should have been played this week in Gdansk.

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