Champions League final, a city dear to Naples appears: the imagination of fans on social networks!


UEFA would be considering alternatives if Turkey were to give up hosting the last act of the tournament.

The championships start again, the team will also restart Champions. But there is the final knot to untie: a Nyon, European football officials have a problem to solve for the 2019-2020 edition. In the last few days Istanbul would have expressed doubts about the possibility of hosting the final behind closed doors, also fearing the possibility of taking a step back and giving up. There UEFA for now it is not off balance, but is already looking for other locations. In detail, at the moment, there would be three hottest options: Lisbon, Doha or Germany.

About Doha, Napoli fans in these hours are raging on social networks remembering the match of SuperCoppa Italiana against Juventus in 2014 (which was played in Doha) that saw the blues, led by Benitez, triumph after penalty kicks. “Doha is a city that has brought us luck, imagine what could happen if Napoli were to continue in the Champions League. Dreaming costs absolutely nothing”, writes one fan, while another adds: “Napoli-Juventus, Champions League final in Doha after the Super Cup a few years ago: penalty kicks. Tira Higuain (who in 2014 signed a brace and scored a penalty, editor’s note), para Meret, Insigne raises the cup. Finally we go back to “landing” with football. And given what we are experiencing in recent months, it is already a lot. “

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