Challenge to Krusty, the review


In this SpongeBob review: Challenge to Krusty we will talk about a product that certainly does not invent anything new within the mobile landscape: the latest videogame digression of the most famous cartoon sea sponge is in fact a title that refers to the long tradition of Diner Dash and related, or those games that require the user to put themselves in the kitchen and satisfy customer orders as quickly as possible. Difficult to bring a breath of fresh air into a genre that has been explored far and wide, especially if the inevitable compromises related to nature must be taken into account free to play of the application: let’s see if SpongeBob: Challenge to Krusty manages to carve out a prominent place in such a highly inflated sector with his personality.

From pancakes to Krabby Patty

Everything starts from Mr. Krabs’ irrepressible craving for money, who to increase his profits decides to set up a pancake kiosk right in front of SpongeBob’s house, which obviously throws himself headlong into the new job. This is the banal starting point of one plot which is an impalpable background to the action, peeking occasionally with textual dialogues between the characters who honestly really leave the time they find. Instead, what works is definitely there graphics of the game, which does an excellent job of carbon copy of the cartoon style, making it pleasant in all its components, from the design of the characters to that of the individual menu items. However, it is not in the aesthetic sector that the best qualities of SpongeBob are found: Challenge to Krusty, who mastered with discreet wisdom those elements of gameplay typical of the genus to which it belongs.

The mechanical they are always the same: the goal of each internship is to satisfy the needs of customers who come to the counter, preparing them the foods they want as quickly as possible to maximize tips and their satisfaction. All this is solved with taps on some elements of the kitchen, for example to put the hamburger meat on the grill or to stuff pancakes: the coefficient of challenge it is both in the number of diners that is gradually increasing, both in their level of patience which gradually runs out, and in the various preparations that require certain times before being available. In short, it would be said that SpongeBob: Challenge to Krusty perfectly embodies the sense of the motto “team that wins does not change”, even if it deserves praise if only for the commitment shown in trying to offer as many as possible content possible. In addition to the basic stages that make up the main campaign, there are in fact weekly challenges, online rankings, special events plus a whole series of contour elements that stimulate the user to often peek to see what’s new: you can unlock characters, clothing, equipment to improve the efficiency of the kitchen and even furniture components to make the restaurant on duty more pleasant.


Many things that make a number, but that obviously do not make up for the innate repetitiveness of very basic gameplay mechanics that in the long run can be boring. However, if you consider that the target audience is a rather young age group, you can turn a blind eye to this limit, while the same cannot be said for the massive presence of advertising and microtransactions: the former are frequent and cannot be skipped, while the latter make themselves felt especially in the advanced stages of the campaign, when the upgrades necessary to be able to continue have exorbitant costs compared to the earnings obtained by playing. However, these are now standard dynamics for free to play products such as SpongeBob: Challenge to Krusty, but the advice is always to disable the acquired in-app in the settings of your device if you leave the software in the hands of a minor to avoid the risk of finding yourself with unpleasant credit card charges …

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