Cezanne, Rembrandt and Van Gogh: are these the future AMD APUs?


We are still waiting for the new ones AMD Ryzen 4000 Series Renoir APU reach our motherboards after their debut on a mobile platform, however a source of the Chinese website Expreview seems to have interesting information on all AMD proposals up to 2022, including a completely new platform for ultra-low power devices.

Let’s start with the new Renoir 4000 series APUs that feature a CPU based on the production process a 7nm and architecture zen2 flanked by a GPU Vega optimized compared to the previous generation. The new APUs have been very successful at the moment in the mobile sector, in particular the models 4900H is 4900HS able to offer top of the range performance at a rather low price compared to the competition. The new APU will also arrive on the desktop platform, the launch is scheduled for June.

The heirs of these APUs should be named Cezanne, of the series Ryzen 5000. According to the source, also in this case AMD will divide the proposal into two series: the H which represents high end solutions with high performances, and the U which instead represents the low-consumption solutions that should guarantee significantly greater autonomy.

As with previous generations, the Cezanne APUs will once again exploit one GPU Vega, optimized compared to the 4000 series, but which would not offer a significant advantage compared to the past. Despite the fact that AMD’s GPU side has no plans to upset things, the CPU, this time based on architecture, should make a big leap forward Zen3 (which will make its debut on the 4000 series desktop CPUs).

In this case the package will remain unchanged, giving the possibility to the owners of motherboards AM4 to be able to take advantage of the new APUs with the motherboards already in their possession such as the brand new B550. Also according to the source, Ryzen 5000 APUs should be submitted to CES 2021 with availability in conjunction with Computex 2021, consequently should reach the shelves within June next year.

Instead, moving even further forward, that is in 2022, the sixth generation APUs should arrive on the market Ryzen 6000, code name Rembrandt. If in the case of the 5000 series the main update was represented by the new CPU, while the GPU remained more or less similar, for the 6000 series the exact opposite should occur, proposing a completely renewed GPU.

According to what reported in fact, the CPU will be based on architecture Zen3 +, an optimization of the previous one that sees the processors produced on node a 6nm of TSMC. It will therefore be an upgrade similar to that between architecture Zen and Zen +. Different speech instead for the GPU, whose chip will be based on architecture RDNA2. AMD would therefore skip the first RDNA generation directly to the next one which will make its debut this year on the new generation consoles (Xbox Series X is PlayStation 5) and maybe even on a desktop PC within September. In this case also, the platform will be updated to socket AM5 with support for new ones RAM DDR5 and specifications PCIe 4.0 is USB 4.0.

This leap forward on the GPU front would represent a real revolution in the APU segment if the integrated GPU supported ray tracing as well as on discrete cards. It should be noted, however, that some not too recent rumors supported a segmentation of the new AMD dedicated video cards based on RDNA 2 in models with ray tracing support and others instead without, a bit as done by Nvidia with the series GTX 16xx and RTX 20 × 0. It is therefore plausible that the RDNA 2-based GPU of any desktop APU, at least in a first incarnation, may not support all the features present on the desktop counterpart.

They close the roundup of information, which we remember are just rumors and do not include any confirmation from AMD, the very low power APUs called Van Gogh. In this case it is SoC custom, similar to those developed for consoles, which should include one Zen2 CPU and one GPU RDNA 2 with a TDP of only 9W. These types of products should be AMD’s answer to processors Intel’s Y series, but at the moment there is very little information.

In conclusion, it would be a lineup to say the least consistent for AMD which, if confirmed these rumors, begins to take root in all those segments where until recently Intel dominated unchallenged. All that remains is to wait for the presentation of the new Ryzen 4000 desktops and hope that the company will reveal some more information on future plans.

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