“Cession Icardi? Natural consequence. Playing every three days is not at all beautiful”


The former Inter Milan sporting director, Marco Branca, spoke on the frequencies of Radio Punto Nuovo. Here are his considerations: “Cession Icardi? These are decisions taken in a historic moment. I took it from Sampdoria for 13 million + 2 bonuses. I saw it as a natural consequence compared to what was done last season”.

Lautaro to Barcelona and Cavani to Inter?

“The will of the main actor, Lautaro, intervenes. If he wants to stay, I would prefer him from a sporting point of view, but it is never better to keep a player who does not want to stay. Cavani has always done his duty well, even if he no longer has 20 years, they are assessments that one has to make. Until I see the signature, I don’t believe it. ”

On the return to the field behind closed doors:

“I agree, it’s true football anyway. When there are badges at stake, professionalism to defend, there are rankings, things to do, you have to go on.”

Do you leave every three days?

“It is not at all nice, there are many games and it is not easy, especially after a prolonged stop like this. There could be more injuries, but it is an anomalous situation for everyone. When there are more games close together, it can be useful to keep concentration high compared to the other”.

From a physical point of view maybe there are more risks, but today there are players who can handle these rhythms, they are young and strong enough. Spring on the field?

“I am of the opinion that many times, when things seem disadvantageous, they are not really. Alibi and apologies have never been part of my philosophy, I would have only tackled these games with commitment. I believe that in this historical moment, politically and practically, it is important to think about recovering. We will have the month of June to understand how things will go from a clinical point of view, but I think it is serious to try to recover. We must be intelligent in knowing how to evaluate everything that happens along the way “.



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