Ceccano, corpse in the shopping cart. The police are investigating


He was found lifeless inside a shopping cart in the square in front of a supermarket in Ceccano, in the province of Frosinone. It is the corpse of a man from the apparent age of 50/60 years. The incident happened just before noon in the popular Di Vittorio district, on the outskirts of the Ciociara town.

According to a first reconstruction, the man would have been beaten, then the corpse hidden in the shopping cart and abandoned in the parking lot of the market. The victim’s body has wounds between the face and the head: most likely it could have been a violent blow even with a stick or a blunt body.

A worker from a nearby laboratory who sounded like blood was falling from a trolley and then an arm protruding between blankets and other objects gave the alarm shortly before 1pm. A horror movie scene. Immediate arrival of the Carabinieri of the Provincial Operational Department under the orders of Colonel Andrea Gavazzi and Major Petrarch. The entire area has been isolated and the area placed under seizure pending the arrival of the magistrate Amari and the coroner.

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