Cavalieri del Lavoro, Mattarella appoints the banker Castagna, the entrepreneur Garofalo, the pastry chef Fiasconaro and Ferragamo


We are the banker Giuseppe Castagna (Banco-Bpm), the Tuscan industrial speaker Lorenzo Coppini (B&C Speakers), the prince of fashion Ferruccio Ferragamo, the award-winning Sicilian pastry chef Nicola Fiasconaro, the lady of private health Maria Laura Garofalo, the airport entrepreneur Enrico Marchi (Save, but also Finint), the household appliance industrialist Paolo Merloni (Ariston Thermo), the subcontractor of Yves Saint Laurent and Valentino, Silvia Stein (Maglificio Miles), the component industrialist and president of Frosinone Calcio Maurizio Stirpe (First), among the 25 Knights of Labor appointed by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella.

On 29 May the head of state signed the decrees with which, on the proposal of the Minister of Economic Development, Stefano Patuanelli, in concert with the Minister of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, Teresa Bellanova, the names of those who stood out for were chosen merit in agriculture, industry, commerce, crafts, credit and insurance.

This is the complete list of the awarded, with an indication, for each one, of the sector of activity and the Region of origin: Maria Allegrini – Agriculture / wine – Veneto; Antonio Campanile – Industry / chemistry – Umbria; Giuseppe Castagna- Credit – Lombardy; Lorenzo Coppini – Industry / electroacoustic transducers – Tuscany; Anna Maria Grazia Doglione – Industry / steel industry – Piedmont; Ferruccio Ferragamo – High fashion – Tuscany; Nicola Fiasconaro– Crafts / confectionery products – Sicily; Mario Frandino – Industry / food – Piedmont; Maria Laura Garofalo – Private Healthcare – Lazio; Alessandro Gilardi – Industry / construction – Piedmont; Guido Roberto Grassi Damiani – High-end jewelery – Abroad; Giuseppe Maiello – Trade / perfumery articles – Campania; Enrico Marchi – Airport activities – Veneto; Luciano Martini – Industry / food – Emilia-Romagna; Paolo Merloni – Industry / household appliances – Marche; Marco Nocivelli – Refrigeration industry / plants – Lombardy; Guido Ottolenghi – Port logistics – Emilia-Romagna; Gian Battista Parati – Industry / high specialization – Lombardy; Umberto Pesce – Industry / engineering – Basilicata; Federico Pittini – Industry / steel industry – Friuli-Venezia Giulia; Giovanni Ravazzotti – Industry / ceramic – Abroad; Giorgia Serrati – Trade of preserved fish – Liguria; Silvia Stein – High-end knitwear – Veneto; Maurizio Stirpe – Industry / components – Lazio; Guido Valentini- Industry / engineering – Lombardy.

“I am honored with this recognition – commented Fiasconaro – which I want to share with my brothers Fausto and Martino and with my father Mario, who has been the soul of our company, as well as with our employees who have allowed us to reach the last twenty years unthinkable goals for a small Southern reality like ours “. The Fiasconaro artisan products were donated to three Popes, to numerous heads of state, the latest in Chinese order Xi Jinping, and were chosen by the Nasa to be consumed by astronauts on a Shuttle Discovery space mission. Recently the company has also donated its products to doctors and nurses from hospitals in Northern Italy in the forefront of the fight against Covid.

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