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The premier goes down in the polls. The lack of support for peer schools and the stop to celebrations in the churches are targeted

Luigi Bisignani

Dear Director, on the mask to the Italians, down the mask to Giuseppe Conte in the fall now also in the polls. The Catholic world has decided: one cannot focus on him for the future. And the prime minister, having taken away from Padre Pio, no longer knows which saint to vote for to dismantle this belief, certainly as it was enough to have attended Villa Nazareth to become the new Providence man of Italian politics.

The first sign of war comes from twelve high-ranking Catholic associations that brought him before the Tar for overpowering for having limited freedom of worship in his Dpcm taking up theses expressed also by Sabino Cassese. For the applicants, at least 34 other closed places similar to the Churches, with the appropriate precautions, were allowed to continue the activities. Therefore, even if the Eucharistic celebrations have finally resumed after a late agreement with the CEI since last May 18, the associations now still insist on a Tar ruling “which can help not forget or reroute the serious events that have taken place, also serving as a a warning that they will not repeat themselves ยป.

Conte’s agitation is such that he seems to be moving the whole world that lives in the buildings of power, which he knows well for having also been an authoritative member of the Presidential Council of Administrative Justice, legitimately contributing to promoting several of the magistrates who now sit at the top of the TAR and the Council of State, to assert the reasons of his government, “forced” to take emergency measures at such a dramatic moment, and avoid a ruling against it. Certainly, today more than ever, he is sorry for not being able to have Vincenzo Nunziata, head of the VII Section appointed as Advocate General of the State – where he is still serving what is still formally the wife of Premier Valentina Fico – instead of Gabriella. Palmieri Sandulli, very well prepared, but above all highly esteemed by Sergio Mattarella. However, if that on the right to worship may seem like a battle of principle, in the Sacred Palaces …


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