Caterina Balivo leaves Come to Me: the emotional farewell and the message on Instagram


Caterina Balivo confirmation: leaves Come to me. The presenter did it with a long message on Instagram and live, during the last episode, not without hiding the emotion.

“It’s time to leave this safe haven, I’ll miss you,” said the presenter at the opening broadcast with tears in the eyes. The indiscretion that Balivo was ready for new projects had been circulating for a few days, but now confirmation is coming. So, perhaps this was the surprise, the special element that the presenter had announced on social networks on the occasion of the penultimate episode.

For Caterina this is a great change, because for years she has been used to keeping company with her audience every afternoon: “I have been greeting you every afternoon for 15 years. I think about Italian holiday, Italy on Due, No sooner said than done is come to me. These painful moments for everyone taught me to give the right weight to things. For this reason, it is time for me to leave this safe haven which I also helped launch two years ago. ”

The emotion in the studio is growing. While Balivo promises to its fans that they won’t lose sight of her: “It is time to make new experiences. I’ll miss you, but I’m sure we won’t lose sight of each other. ” And the applause starts.

While on Instagram the farewell message reads like this, replying the words from the studio: “This is the last episode for me, 15 years have passed since I said good afternoon .. Every time I succeeded, with wonderful travel companions, to bring the ship into port through difficult, very difficult seas. From Italian holiday to Afternoon on two to No sooner said than done it’s at come to me“.

She thanks those who followed her, repaying her for all the family sacrifices she underwent: “In particular, the success of the past two years they paid me back for so many family and professional sacrifices that I made. But to navigate the ocean, said Christopher Columbus, one must have the courage to lose sight of the shore. ”

The decision to change course comes after the difficult moments experienced recently: “And these painful moments for everyone, they taught me to give the right weight to things and therefore to find the courage to leave a prestigious and safe port like this”. And then the promise of new projects: “The time has come, therefore make new experiences to enter more and better into your homes. I will miss you but we will certainly not lose sight of you! “. According to rumors, we will see the presenter again in a Sunday program which will air between Sunday In is The legacy.

The melancholy post accompanies the photo of Caterina with her latest polka dot look for Come to me. Fans are saddened by the news as evidenced by the numerous comments on Instagram: “But why? I hope you will do more !!! 😘 ”. “We will always be with you! You are a spectacular woman !!!!!!!! ❤️ “.

“I will miss you so much”. And again: “So next year he will never come to me again? 😢😢😢 You will miss.” Many are worried about the future of the Balivo and insist on asking her what she will do.

To soften the emotion Caterina wipes her tears and continues the episode with the beautiful Martina Colombari. The former Miss Italy confesses to her husband Billy Costacurta: “We have been together since 1996, they have been for so many years, I never thought he was not the man in my life. Indeed, the more I go on, the more I tell myself that I did very well in choosing this man. Just in this quarantine period I asked him if we remarry to confirm our love, my son looked at me as if to say ‘is she stupid?’ “. But also on the haters that target it on social media.

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