Catania, Pulvacchetti does not give up and thinks about the revival after a green light from the Court


The Court of Catania accepted the blank composition with creditors. Now if the management of the Etna club decides to continue it would have an additional 60 days to present a new recovery plan

of ITASportPress editorial staff

Welcomed by the Court of Catania, after three days of consultation, the composition with creditors presented by Catania Calcio, a measure filed today at 4pm. At the same time, it was decided that the commissioners (Guzzardi and Rossi) enter the board of directors of Etna to supervise the work of the company chaired by Gianluca. Astoria. Catania has received a second Pec in which five days are given, to provide an answer to the proposal of Sigi, the consortium that runs for the acquisition of the club. Then, as reported by, always under the control of the two commissioners, Catania has a further sixty days to present an industrial plan which will eventually be examined by the court. Plan requiring the entry of capital and of course new members. And, at that point, it will be understood if the current management can continue or if it will go bankrupt. CEO Di Natale and the vice president, Scuderi, will probably return to the Board of Directors.


Meanwhile the owner of Catania Nino Pulv buyers, said to the (off) microphones of his absolute detachment from the Rossazzurri affair and from the negotiations with Sigi, but it is clear that underneath there is the desire to start again with a new partner who could come out of the closet in the next few days. Of course Pulv buyers will have to mend a tear with the fans that at the moment appears incurable.

Former President Pulvacchetti and his partner Desiree Ferlito




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