Catania football, that’s who will guide it


All the names of the organization of the consortium that intends to purchase the club. The ex-coach Guerini and the commentator Sky Massimo Mauro stand out

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                <p>CATANIA - <strong>The Etna consortium that asked to buy Catania football</strong> announced the entire corporate and technical organization chart in view of the court hearing scheduled for Monday, in which the fate of the rossazzurro club will be decided. The two professionals from Catania who have dealt openly with the company, Fabio Pagliara and Maurizio Pellegrino, hold the positions of president and general manager.

Among the illustrious names, those of Massimo Mauro and Vincenzo Guerini stand out for the technical area. Mauro, commentator on Sky Sport, was among other things a Juventus and Napoli footballer. Guerini coached Catania in 2000 and 2003 during the Gaucci era, and was the coach of numerous Serie A clubs, covering the role of Fiorentina club manager from 2012 to 2016.
Here is the entire organization chart of the consortium.

President – Fabio Pagliara
Vice President – Girolamo Di Fazio
Vicar Vice President – Antonio Paladino
CEO – Carmelo Munzone
CEO – Sergio Arena

Board of directors
President – Angelo Maugeri
Director – Stefania Baudo
Director – Fabio Lattanzi
Counselor – Nicola Le Mura

General Manager – Maurizio Pellegrino
Sports Area – Massimo Mauro and Vincenzo Guerini
Business and Development Manager – Davide Lenarduzzi
Event Organizer – Sebastiano La Ferlita
Press Office – Futura Production
Relations with the territory – Salvatore Cambria
Relations with staff – Francesco Laudani
Tax and work accounting consultancy – Professionals Doc Srl
Legal Office – Giuseppe Augello and Giovanni Ferraù
Responsible for club and fans relations – Giuseppe Rapisarda


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