Catania, club acquisition | There is the official release!


Air of revolution in Catania with the company experiencing a very particular moment in its history. The Spa of the Cordata was established: “Sport Investment Group Italia”.

Catania fans (Photo by Maurizio Lagana / Getty Images)

Today the Catania he officialised the double farewell of CEO Giuseppe Di Natale and vice-president Ignazio Scuderi, who resigned. It is not the only news today for the Etna society that also takes note of the first real official step towards the acquisition of the same club. In fact, there is the establishment of a joint stock company ready for a purchase offer that will arrive in the next few hours. SPORT INVESTMENT GROUP ITALIA S.P.A“This is the name of the newly formed company that should try to acquire the club. For all the latest news on the Serie B market and beyond CLICK HERE!

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Catania, here is the Sport Investment Group Italia

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Just about the future of Catania came the release of the consortium represented by Fabio Pagliara and Maurizio Pilgrim: “On the initiative of the Committee for the acquisition of Catania Calcio in the notary’s office of Notary Giuseppe Balestrazzi, on 20 May 2020 The Spa company called ‘Sport Investiment Group Italia’ was officially established with the acronym S.I.G.I. Eleven entrepreneurs, professionals and procurers of entrepreneurial groups have decided to set up the joint-stock company, immediately paying the share capital of 55 thousand euros. A step that precedes the commitment to increase the same capital to 5 million euros, conditioning the increase for the successful completion of the acquisition of Calcio Catania. The Spa also announces that the aggregated financial statements of all the shareholders represented to date are equivalent to approximately 63 million euros. Once the technical times for the registration of the Spa have been completed, the formal offer for the purchase of Calcio Catania Spa will be presented. With this press release the Committee for the acquisition of Catania Calcio has achieved its objective and therefore lapses: thanks are due to all those who contributed to the realization of the project “.

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League Two stop league
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The press release then concludes with the reference figures: “From now on, the Sport Investiment Group Italia Spa, through the Futura Production press office, will disclose any update on the road map provided by the shareholders. The Spa members themselves have entrusted Fabio Pagliara and Maurizio Pellegrino with the role of representing the Spa with the media. The legal aspect is entrusted to the studio Augello and studying Paladino. ”


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