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The decisions taken on the so-called civic assistants ‘without prior consultation of the Ministry of the Interior’ must not ‘entail additional tasks for the prefectures and for the police forces’: sources of the Interior Ministry stress this while the controversy continues and after that by the Ministry for regional affairs had come the clarification that ‘civic assistants’ are volunteers and are not anti spritz patrols. The desired ‘civic assistants’ operation does not convince the 5s. The Undersecretary for Relations with Parliament Castaldi calls it ‘a forward flight’. In the first post lockdown weekend, 1,321 reported, with a peak on Sunday and 238 thousand checked. Few offenders

Catalfo, civic assistants? Puzzled, short meeting – On the “possible call” for civic assistants “I have some doubts”, shortly, around “6.30 pm”, at Palazzo Chigi “I will have a meeting with Prime Minister Conte and the competent ministers, for regional and internal affairs, Francesco Boccia and Luciana Lamorgese to face the theme “. This was stated by the Minister of Labor, Nunzia Catalfo, host of Sky Tg24 economy. When asked if it had been discussed before, “no, there had been no sharing”, the proposal “probably Minister Boccia carried it forward with the ANCI”.

Zaia, the ‘civic assistants’ are a defeat – The president of Veneto, Luca Zaia, considers the use of ‘civic assistants’ to guarantee social distancing in beaches, parks and clubs “a defeat”. “It is a defeat from a social point of view – he explains – the fact of sending someone to explain that they are wearing a mask. It means that there is a cultural problem. We are not dealing with criminals, but with children who are At this point we have to ask ourselves where we have failed, because if the message has not passed … I believe that – he adds – we must have confidence in the boys, make them understand that if they really want to rebel against the controls they will wear a mask to protest”. Zaia concludes by stressing that she is “always in agreement with those who make themselves available to society, but I repeat that it is a defeat to ask someone to be an educator. This is the theme”.

Renzi, civic assistants are madness – “A minister has announced the creation of a body of 60,000 civic assistants. Well, just to me it seems madness aimed at having visibility? As often happens I think like Matteo Orfini. It would not be better to enhance the third sector and the service more civil?”. Matteo Renzi says it in the e-news.

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