“Cassandra” anti-mafia operation, another blow to the Misilmeri-Belmonte Mezzagno clan


Infiltrations in politics, control of the territory, lace on local activities and thefts of vehicles such as return horses. This was discussed by the affiliates of the Misilmeri-Belmonte Mezzagno gang during the two summits held in the home of Carlo Noto, the uncensored house painter from Misilmeri. They did not know, however, that they were intercepted by the Carabinieri of the Provincial Command of Palermo. After investigations coordinated by Deputy Prosecutor Salvatore De Luca and substitutes Bruno Brucoli and Gaspare Spedale, the military tonight kicked off the “Cassandra” operation, which dealt a further blow to the mandate, after Operation Cupola 2.0 of the 2018. An order for pre-trial detention in prison, issued by the GIP Office, was carried out of the Court of Palermo at the request of the District Anti-Mafia Prosecutor for Salvatore Sciarabba and Giuseppe Bonanno, 70 and 60 years old (already detained after the maxi operation Cupola 2.0), Stefano Casella (42 years old), Claudio Nocilla (45 years old) and Alessandro Imparato ( 43 years old). To the house arrest Giuseppe Rizzo and Giuseppe Contorno, aged 71 and 72. Vincenzo Sucato, implicated in the operation, was the first prisoner who died of Covid-19, contracted in the Bologna prison. The house painter Carlo Noto, 54 years old, transferred to the United States of America for work, cannot be found. 23 in all suspects. Some of the clues that emerged during the investigations had already flowed into the order of the DDA of Palermo and executed in December 2018. The Cupola 2.0 operation had, in fact, dismantled the new provincial commission of Cosa Nostra, with the arrest of 19 people believed to belong to the Mafia mandate of Misilmeri-Belmonte, including Filippo Salvatore Bisconti (who later became a collaborator of justice) and Salvatore Sciarabba himself considered by the investigators at the head of the mandate, Vincenzo Sucato, regent of the mafia family of Misilmeri and Stefano Polizzi, boss of the Bolognetta mafia family. Next to the prominent figures of Sciarabba and Bisconti, according to the investigations, entrusted to the management of the various mafia families, Vincenzo Sucato and Stefano Polizzi emerged, as well as several men of honor including Stefano Casella and Giovanni Salvatore Migliore, affiliated to the Belmonte family Mezzagno, and Domenico Nocilla, affiliated with the Misilmeri family. The latter was also assisted by his son Claudio to organize the movements of Sciarabba, subjected to the measure of special surveillance with the obligation to stay in the municipality of Palermo, to reach safe places where to meet with the associates and discuss the intricate dynamics of the mafia partnership. Through close monitoring of the affiliates, in May 2017 the previous, concomitant and subsequent phases of the two important summits chaired by Sciarabba at the home of Noto were documented.

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