Case George Floyd, the autopsy: “Excluding strangulation or asphyxiation” VIDEO PHOTO


According to the results of the autopsy performed on the body of George Floyd, the African American who died in Minneapolis after a policeman pressed his knee to the neck for nine minutes, “there are no physical elements that support a diagnosis of traumatic asphyxiation or strangulation “.

In particular, the report reads, “the combined effects of being blocked by the police, his previous pathologies (coronary artery disease and hypertension, ed.) And some potential intoxicating substance in his body probably contributed to his death”.

But the family does not believe in this outcome and now demands that an “independent” autopsy be conducted after that of the Heppepin County coroner. Basically, explained the Floyd attorney, they don’t trust the Minneapolis authorities.

Meanwhile in these hours the protests for what happened are increasingly violent and also affect other cities, such as Atlanta, Georgia. During the night, some demonstrators attacked the CNN headquarters and threw various objects at the police force. An agent in Los Angels had to seek medical attention. In Detroit, however, there is also a victim – a 19-year-old young man – following the explosion of some shots.

While after a brief lockdown, the situation returned to normal in the White House: a group of people had protested in front of the building.

It was also reported that the policeman arrested for the murder of the African American, Derek Chauvin, had previously killed a suspect, taken part in a shooting that was fatal for another and at least 17 complaints had come to him in 20 years of service. .

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In Minneapolis people protest in the streets (Ansa – Maury)

there is also damage (ansa maury)
There are also damages (Ansa – Maury)

on the streets of new york (ansa lane)

On the streets of New York (Ansa – Lane)

the minnesota police (ansa maury)

The Minnesota Police (Ansa – Maury)

a protester sitting on the ground in front of the national guard (ansa maury)

A protester sitting on the ground in front of the National Guard (Ansa – Maury)

the demonstration in boston (ansa gunther)

The demonstration in Boston (Ansa – Gunther)

a sign in memory of the victim (ansa gunther)

A sign in memory of the victim (Ansa – Gunther)

in washington outside the white house (bends the barefoot)

In Washington, outside the White House (Ansa – Lo Scalzo)

in new york (ansa lane)

In New York (Ansa – Lane)

other protests in minneapolis (ansa lassig)

Other protests in Minneapolis (Ansa – Lassig)


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