Case George Floyd, police fire on Minneapolis residents | A protester died in Indianapolis


Riot police officers in Minneapolis confronted protesters who challenged the curfew by protesting the death of George Flyod, throwing tear gas and stun grenades to keep them away from the number 5 police station, US media reported. In recent days, demonstrators had set fire to barracks number 3. Police have arrested nearly 1,400 people in 17 US cities since protests began that continued all night. In all they are three were the victims from the beginning of the protests. In New York alone 345 people were arrested Saturday and Sunday and 33 officers were injured and 47 police vehicles were damaged or destroyed in the riots.

Police on the street shoot shots at the inhabitants of Minneapolis A video posted on Twitter shows the police shooting at the inhabitants who were filming the arrival of the agents, in riot gear, who intervened to ensure the curfew. From the images you can see the policemen who first shout against the residents: “Enter inside”; then they shoot those who don’t execute the order.

Trump, Floyd death great tragedy but I will stop violenceDonald Trump, speaking from Cape Canaveral, called George Floyd’s death “a great tragedy” and defended “the right to demonstrate peacefully” but condemned the violence and chaos by attributing it to the Antifa movement and the radical left. “My administration will stop mass violence,” he promised. Floyd’s memory was “dishonored by rioters, looters and anarchists,” he added, launching an appeal for “reconciliation, not hatred, for justice, not chaos.”

Minneapolis, Biden: just protest, not violenceUS presidential candidate Joe Biden condemned the violence of protests that broke out in the United States, stressing however that Americans have a right to demonstrate. “Protesting against this brutality is right and necessary. It is an absolutely American response – he declared – but igniting communities and needlessly destroying is not. Violence that endangers life is not. Violence that destroys and closes down activities that serve the community is not. ”

New York, another journalist arrested and released – A journalist from theHuffington Post, Chris Mathias, was taken into police custody while following racism protests in New York City and then released. The same newspaper reports it. The reporter was released around one in the morning on May 31 after being taken to the Brooklyn police district.

In Jacksonville (Florida) agent stabbed in the neck: hospitalized – TO Jacksonville, in Florida, a policeman was “stabbed or injured in the neck and is currently in the hospital”. Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams reported, quoted by CNN. Other agents were attacked during the stone and brick protests and several people were arrested.

New York, in a video police invests demonstrators – New York police are investigating a video showing a police car from the same police as it hits a crowd of protesters. The reports it CNN. The video, published on Twitter, shows the car stopped in front of a group of people throwing objects against the vehicle, in front of which there was a barrier. Then the car tries to break through the protective barrier and hits some people. Mayor Bill de Blasio he said the incident is under investigation, but stressed that officers may have had no other choice.

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