Case Floyd, John Cusack beaten in Chicago by police during protests


Protests continue in major cities in the United States of America after the death of George Floyd, the African American who died after police officer Derek Chauvin remained kneeling on his neck for more than seven minutes. Also in Chicago, the city of John Cusack. The actor filmed and posted shocking pictures of the policemen on Twitter who ordered him to go away, taking him with batons.

John Cusack’s shock video

The Hollywood star claimed to have been “attacked” by police officers while trying to resume the riot in Chicago. The video uploaded by the actor is very blurry, but we can distinguish the audio of an agent that John Cusack and orders him to leave: “Get out of here, get out! Get out of here, get that bike out of here.” Then you hear the noise of the truncheon hitting the bicycle of the actor who can only say: “Okay, okay, I’m leaving, I’m leaving.” John Cusack explains in the caption on twitter: “The police didn’t like you filming the burning car, so they came to me with batons. And they hit my bike.” Subsequently the actor explained that he was not among the protesters, but that he found himself in the center of the riot and for this reason he had decided to film everything. During the night, there were clashes and looting in Chicago.

Tension is growing in the USA

Meanwhile, tension is growing in the United States of America. For days, riots and unrest in the main urban centers of the nation. U.S. President Donald Trump ordered a hard punch and complimented the public security forces via Twitter yesterday: “I saw their every move and I couldn’t have felt more secure. They let the protesters shout as much as they wanted.”

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