Case Floyd, blood trail in the USA: a 19-year-old and an agent killed in a few hours


Shoot from an SUV, dies 19 year old in Detroit The 19-year-old died in Detroit during a demonstration for the death of George Floyd. A police spokesman said the young man was killed by a bullet fired by a person driving an SUV. The shooting took place around 11:30 pm on Friday, near the entertainment district of the Greektown neighborhood, while the police confronted the demonstrators. According to a police department spokesman, the man fired several shots on the crowd.

One officer killed and one injured in Oakland Tension still has in Oakland, where at least 7,500 people took to the streets to demonstrate. Looting, shops set on fire and many police attacks have been reported. During the protests, one soldier from the Federal Protection Service died and another was injured. The two agents reported gunshot wounds.

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