Case Autostrade, Cancelleri: “It is a blackmail, via the concession. Dossier De Micheli nobody has seen it”


“Aspi, those of the collapse of the Genoa bridge, who got stained by the 43 victims, who didn’t even apologize, those of the Benettons, who blackmailed the government, came out with a novelty. They said: if we don’t make the guarantee of the state to have a loan of a few billion euros, we don’t make investments. That is blackmail, the logic of blackmail. “This was stated by the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Giancarlo Cancelleri (M5s) on Facebook. “Well what I think and what the M5s thinks: we only lost time, I turn to the other majority forces, to Iv to the Democratic Party, we are wasting time, let’s withdraw the concessions, this is not serious people”.
Then attack the Minister of Infrastructure. “The minister Paola De Micheli has this dossier where he made a sort of negotiation together with Aspi. Nobody knows this dossier, neither the M5s nor other government forces, nor Conte. “”When are we going to start this discussion?” Cancelleri asks De Micheli: “The time has expired, because when we go to deliver the Genoa bridge, when it is finished, we will have to deliver it to someone and if we don’t know who the concession goes to, we won’t even know who the contract goes to. government”.


Autostrade, De Micheli: “The revocation of the concession? The decision is a matter of days”

Yesterday, the Benetton company decided to limit itself to ordinary interventions and to make the network safe following the lack of responses from the government on the dispute following the collapse of the Morandi Bridge. And he gave his lawyers a mandate to “evaluate all the necessary initiatives”.

The national secretary of the Filt intervened in this regard


Atlantia freezes the extraordinary investment plan on the highway and goes to legal channels

Cancelleri: “We have a plan on Aspi”

“We have a plan – adds Cancelleri – a serious plan that responds to all the criticisms of those who said that without the concession many family fathers will eventually lose their jobs. Nobody loses their job. We want to send a commissioner directly reels, with a government commissioner. And Spea, who was the one who tarot the controls, we replace her with Anas “.

“So no one loses his job – explains the deputy minister – and you remove the penalty that we should recognize for the revocation of the concession, because you put it in the end as a burden to take over, and in the meantime start the call for tenders”.

The reactions

The deputy secretary of the Democratic Party also intervenes on the Atlantia case, Andrea Orlando, who explains to SkyTg24: “It would be better to avoid ultimatum and blackmail, I say this from Liguria. Maybe the tones would be better if they changed”.

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